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Anything you concerned a lot which is related to custom cardboard tubes

Our tube manufacturing capacity allows us to create tubes in various sizes, based on your desired quantity. We have all the pre-made tube sizes readily available in stock, and they can be ordered in any quantity on our website. If you require 1000 or more pieces, we can produce any pre-made tube size with vibrant full-color printing. If the size you need is not available in our stock, or if you require a tailored fit for your product, we can customize any tube dimensions to your specifications. However, custom-made tubes have a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces due to setup time and costs involved.

We have the capability to manufacture two-piece telescoping tubes that feature a base and a cap that securely fits on top when closed. The top and bottom of the tube can be designed with either straight or rolled edges.
Similarly, we can also produce three-piece telescoping tubes where the cap fits onto a lip for a seamless, flush appearance. These tubes are also available with rolled or straight top and bottom edges.
Generally speaking, there will be 4 different common tube styples you can choose. If you want to knwo more about the paper tube style, you can visit here.

Certainly, but it ultimately depends on how you define “eco-friendly.”

All of our pre-made tubes are designed to be reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. They are crafted from 100% virgin pulp paper and contain no plastic whatsoever.

For personalized tubes, we will always guide you towards the most environmentally conscious choice while considering functionality. If you’re utilizing tubes as secondary packaging and looking to minimize your environmental impact, we recommend uncoated kraft or white paper with soy ink printing and varnish. If you require primary packaging that will come into direct contact with food or packaging that will be utilized and stored in a moisture-prone environment, it’s challenging to entirely eliminate plastic from the outer lamination or the inner liner that maintains shelf life and oil-resistance. Nevertheless, we are continuously exploring various natural materials, such as soy inks, biodegradable lamination, and greaseproof paper inner lining for solid cosmetics products like lip balms and deodorants.

Yes, we do provide the food grade materials for our customers only if their custom cardbaord tubes need to be food grade.

Our pre-made empty tubes are suitable for storing dry goods that do not need to be preserved for an extended period. Numerous customers prefer using them for tea and other similar food items. However, we advise putting the product in a sealed bag and utilizing the tubes as an additional outer layer.

We have the capability to manufacture entirely personalized tubes with an aluminum foil and PE lining, which creates a safe inner barrier that can resist oil. Typically, these tubes are sealed once they are filled to make them airtight. The sealing process can be accomplished by utilizing specialized equipment to attach metal discs or by using shrink wrapping.

Our capacity includes the manufacturing of cardboard tubes with removable membrane caps and interior aluminum foil coating. To ensure complete sealing, it is essential that your packaging and shipping collaborator possesses the necessary machinery to seal the containers once they are filled with your merchandise.

Certainly. We have just introduced a child-resistant paper tube packaging solution that complies with USA standards. Our child-resistant paper tubes offer boundless customization possibilities, just like our standard paper tubes.

We provide the digital printing for samples, and offset printing for mass production. But we will do offset printing for samples if there are some Pantone colors on your graphic designs.

If you want custom cardboard tubes made according to your specific requirements, you will need to place an order for a minimum of 1000 tubes or more, depending on the desired features. The tubes are built from scratch to meet your exact specifications.

Typically, the sampling process requires three days to complete, whereas mass production usually takes ten days to fulfill, subject to factors such as quantity, customization, and the level of complexity involved in the order. The duration of shipping varies depending on the location and the preferred shipping method.

Inform us of the precise specifications of the tube, the amount required, and the nature of any personalization desired, and we will send you a quotation. Additionally, we will provide you with a design model, allowing you to create a layout for your artwork. Once you submit the final artwork and place your order, we will produce samples for your review, which takes approximately three days. After your approval, the lead time for mass production is around ten days, contingent on factors such as quantity, customization, and order intricacy. Delivery times will vary based on the chosen shipping method and location.

Certainly, it is possible. If you’re unsure if your product will fit, you have the option to send us your products. If you make a larger order, we can apply the cost of the samples (excluding shipping) to your purchase.

In the case of custom tube orders, we offer free samples once the order has been placed and artwork has been provided. These samples are used for proofing before mass production begins.

We take great pride in both our work and our rapport with our clients. The cost of our services depends on various factors such as tube size, order volume, and customization requirements. However, we are happy to collaborate with clients who have modest budgets and can provide discounts for recurring large-scale orders on an individual basis.

We offer various shipping methods for our customers after the mass production finished. We can supply the ocean shipping, railway shipping, air shipping and express. In fact, the air shipping and express are very expensive although it is the fastest shipping method. It is fit for the urgent order and the weight is less than 150kg. Ocean shipping and railway shipping are the most popular shipping methods, and it will take 25 days from our factory to your destination.

We can offer the product insertion, storage, other fulfillment services only if you placed the custom cardboard tubes on us.

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